The mission of the Historical and Folkloric Museum Nikiti is to study, interpret and present to all the history and culture of Nikiti in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Historical and Folkloric Museum of Nikiti is housed in the stone school of the old settlement. The school was built in 1870 and is a historic listed monument.

The restoration and conversion of the school into a museum was based on special studies (museological-museographic and special architectural study), on-site and bibliographic research and study of collections. The folklore collection includes about 1500 objects, donations by the inhabitants of Nikiti to the Nikitian philologist DimitriosDimaras during the last 20 years. For the creation of the permanent exhibition, the collection was enriched with new donations and historical evidence.

More than 500 objects in organic relation with archival material, modern photographic imagery, oral testimonies and cinematic narrative become the means to reveal a variety of stories about the settlement and life of the people of Nikiti.

Principles and objectives of the report

The museum is historical and folkloric, therefore it treats local history and traditional cultural material as a whole, and not as two discrete and incompatible spheres.
Tradition is presented as a phenomenon that has been historically determined, but it is discovered, reproduced and modeled in the present in a variety of ways.
The main goals of the exhibition are to feed and preserve the collective memory of the community as early as the process of implementing the project, with the opening of the museum over time.
Following the narrative course of the exhibition, the visitor learns about the settlement’s development and discovers various aspects of the history and everyday life of the people of Nikiti and the surrounding areas.

The project was implemented in 2014 by the Mayor of Tzipi, with the support of the Municipality of Sithonia, Halkidiki, and the co-financing of the Rural Development Program of Greece (RDP) 2007-2013, Axis 4, Local LEADER Approach of the LAGs “Implementing the LEADER Approach to Prefecture of Chalkidiki “.
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